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We are a creative studio of design and communication dedicated to translating nature, biology and science for all kinds of audiences

Creative direction

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Concepts, data and graphics in a visual, attractive and digestible format

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2 de November de 2020

Brainstorming for exhibit interactivity after COVID

We do not conceive educational exhibits in museums without interaction. COVID and its new normal makes us rethink how to generate that interactivity in a safe environment for the visitor…
Jellyfish lifecycle reproductionAnimalariumStorytelling
29 de June de 2020

The secret life of jellyfish

What do you know about jellyfish? You have surely seen them, probably even swam among them without noticing... luckily enough. Discover why they are much more than 'stinging beasts' that…
AnimalariumStorytellingUnderwater exploration
2 de September de 2020

La lluna dins el blau

This story reminds us of those years when we visited Dragonera Island every day to explore its seabed, always with the expectation of a surprise encounter ... During 2015 and…