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Graphic natura V-log

‘Graphic natura’ is a video log series where we will interview professionals, experts and serious enthusiasts of specific topics, always connected to nature. Within ‘nature’ there is room not only for biology and other sciences, but also for other professions / hobbies (photographers, documentary makers, writers, etc) as long as they are inspired and developed in direct connection with the natural world.

Why “Graphic…”?

While the conversation is happening we will be drawing live the concepts, words and key information of the topic using “visual thinking” techniques. By the end of the interview we will have a visual map where we will have digested and translated into images the essence of the discussion. This “easily digestible” graphic will allow an inexperienced audience to approach nature and science topics in an entertaining way and even awake their curiosity to express concerns, questions and comments.

What do you get for participating?

We have all been in the position of wanting to explain and share what we do with other people. Sometimes our topic is not so tangible and / or difficult to communicate to the general public. In this v-log we want to take advantage of the right part of our brain to process and transmit that knowledge and make it accessible to everyone. We all – you, us and the audience – will expand not only our knowledge, but our visual vocabulary and also, you will obtain a very beautiful digital poster of the topic that we developed together, so that you can share it and communicate your work.

I want to participate, do I have to draw?

No, although we are sure you can! Jessica and I will be in charge of directing the interview and doing the visual translation. Meanwhile, you will enlighten us with your knowledge on the topic. Feel free to develop the questions spontaneously using the resources you want, always trying to maintain a simple, light language, with many examples, comparative resources and especially with a good humour.

Who defines the topic?

Contact us using the form in this page or write us an e-mail and tell us in which project or institution you work or have been involved and what topic you would like to develop with us. If you have any specific question (s) that you have always wanted to develop and communicate, do not hesitate to tell us. After evaluating your topic we will make some proposals and finally it is your decision which of the topics we will develop together.

We will always look for fairly “closed” topics (that is, specific and not very broad), that may have some application or influence in daily life and that generate curiosity and interest.

Want to speak about your topic or project?