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We translate nature and science for all kinds of audiences

Turning your message into a good story and telling it in a creative, unique and memorable way is our specialty. Explore what we are good at with an open mind to all possibilities, and if you like what you see, contact us.

Planning and strategy

01. Creative direction

Between the birth of an idea or communication project and its realization there are a large number of processes that occur parallel to its development.

Where to start? What stories to tell? How to tell them? are some of the questions that we solve for you when we create the visual plan for your project.

Creativity is essential, but so is the ability to solve communication and design challenges, so that the proposal adapts to the reality of the client and conserves coherence and identity during its evolution.

Information resources

02. Illustrated infographics

A good infographic can turn chaos into order, especially when our message contains a lot of data and concepts that interact. Presenting them in a visual, harmonious and concise way can result in a graphic piece with great informative and aesthetic value, which will last in the viewer’s memory.

It is an ideal format for exhibitions, presentations, editorial and/or digital publications.

Audiovisual resources

03. 2D animation

Educational videos use the communicative potential of images in movement to convey an informative message. From your idea, we develop the content, layout the design, illustrate and create the audiovisual material that will tell your story.

Our particular style experiments with 2D animation resources such as stop-motion, rotoscoping, and other techniques for motion graphics. The result? stories that entertain and generate curiosity but at the same time transfer knowledge.

Specialized resources

04. Digital scientific illustration

In the scientific and academic field, there is a need to recreate in detail the specific characteristics of a species, to talk about its anatomy, morphology and even important aspects of its ecology.

Scientific illustration allows an approach to nature for the expert eye, but also for a wider audience with a more informative objective. Its application is ideal in identification guides, posters, specialized books, digital publications and/or information panels in exhibitions.

Specialized resources

05. Virtual and augmented reality

The experience of interacting with a species in situ, observing its natural behavior and even being able to touch it to investigate it, is unique and insurmountable. New technologies open up infinite possibilities when it comes to designing and implementing immersive and interactive experiences for educational and informative purposes.

In our context, these technologies can be dramatically materialized in interactive augmented reality experiences in real time, immersive audiovisual experiences with 3D projections of 180 and 360 degrees for geodesic domes, hyper-realistic audiovisuals; holograms; videomapping or audiovisual animation of inanimate objects; and many more wonderful applications.

Information design

06. Content creation

Behind a good image there is always something to tell, a story, a concept, a relationship. Visual and textual content is always a key element of the identity of your project.

We create the story you need to convey your message and we mold it to the shape that best suits your needs: texts, articles for publications, illustrations, complementary graphics, iconography, signage; for editorial, digital projects and the merchandising of your exhibit, project or company.