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This story reminds us of those years when we visited Dragonera Island every day to explore its seabed, always with the expectation of a surprise encounter …

During 2015 and 2016 we lived in a small house in Puerto de Andratx, and every morning we went on a trip to Dragonera island. By then we worked in a dive school that was also our home during those first years in Mallorca. The journey to the island on a zodiac was not very long, but it was long enough to cover all that blue with our eyes, from tail to head the imposing silhouette of the sleeping dragon that draws the island, and to let our imagination swim among the wonders that we could find under that piece of Mediterranean

This comic-style cartoon tells an anecdote that compiles our experience during those years working underwater. And I want to take advantage of it to thank several people who were very important in its creation: Oscar Puente, because without a Captain there are no sailors, and you always held my hand making me feel safe. To Fernando Garfella, the only time I saw you and knew you, you told me about the monk seals that once lived in Sa Dragonera, from that day my imagination began to build this storiette. Aina and Kris, this comic had to be in Catalan and we had to give it a title that, after listening to it over and over again, only you gave and translated into its original language: ‘La lluna dins el blau’. Thanks once again.

In these images we share the sketch frame by frame, a brushstroke of how wonderful it could be to develop, re-draw and color this story.