An illustrated history of the first sea turtles born in the Balearic Islands. A visual format that allows the visitor to understand the journey of the turtles before being returned to the sea.

There are projects that because of their nature and visual appeal deserve to be illustrated. This is how we imagined it when they described to us the journey of the sea turtles born in Ibiza, August 2019. And this is how this illustrated infographic came to life, to complement the aquarium exhibit where 9 of the newborn turtles starring this story are awaiting for the right time to return to the sea.

This informative poster compiles the information and the photographic record of the entire process: from spawning in Ibiza and the entire sequence of actions that make it possible for the newborns to be healthy and reach the appropriate size to soon return to the Mediterranean sea.

The illustrated poster format is designed to be printed in large size and used as a support for educational talks given to visitors, although its visual nature makes it easy to understand independently.

For us, working with Palma Aquarium Foundation has been a way of being closer to Caretta caretta, being able to closely follow its growth, and its movements in and out of the water. A great experience working with this type of conservation projects that collect important data for the ongoing study of this population of turtles that begins to visit the Balearic coasts to nest.

Many thanks to the volunteers of the foundation and staff of other entities for the photographic compilation that made it possible to illustrate the story more precisely. And thanks to Nestor Carda for the photographs collected all these years recording the work of the rescue center and the foundation.

Project details
  • Proyecto “Head-starting Caretta caretta
  • about the first sea turtles born in the Balearic islands
  • Illustrated infographic
  • for Palma Aquarium Foundation
  • Informative poster
  • Illustrated infographic
  • Educational and divulgative