Sharks are successful predators of our oceans. Their expertise comes from the evolution and adaptability of their powerful set of jaws and teeth: this is the shark toolbox.

Shark Toolbox’ is an educational complementary exhibit for the shark area of Palma Aquarium, located in Mallorca. After contemplating the amazing sand tiger sharks swimming inside the main tank, the visitor has a chance to learn about a unique feature that makes sharks so special: their teeth.

Our ideation process for this exhibit started selecting 3 shark jaws to represent the great variability of dentition found in this group of fishes: the Tiger shark, the Mako and the strange Port Jackson shark. Faithful replicas of their jaws from were displayed, joined by upscaled replicas of teeth and ‘human’ tools that offer an interesting point of comparison for shape and functionality.

Around the shark species selected and their three elements (jaw, teeth and tool) we designed 3, infographic styled, informative panels to highlight the features that make each of our sharks such successful hunters on their niche. We designed a main introductory panel with content that added a visual reference (through color coding) for the visitor to follow through the following panels.

The final touch: a looping 2D Animation to learn about the curious ability of sharks to replace their teeth indefinitely throughout their lives.

Check out some of the graphics and animation developed for this educational exhibit.

Project details
  • ‘Shark toolbox’
  • for “Palma Aquarium”, Mallorca
  • permanent themed exhibit
  • informative and interactive
  • multilingual (EN, ES, CAT, DE)
  • currently in building phase
  • Exhibits
  • Creative direction
  • Infographics
  • Education and divulgation
  • Educational replicas
Introductory module of the exhibit
Looping 2D animation about shark dentition
Tiger shark module
Mako shark module
Port Jackson shark module

General view of the exhibit area with the spacial distribution of the content modules. ‘Shark toolbox’ complements the visitor experience around the main shark tank area of the Aquarium.

Shark species and visual recognition of its snout
Replicas of jaw, tooth and human tools with data about its size and characteristic features of the species
How they hunt for their prey? Illustration

Diagramming of one of three exhibition modules where we developed the content of the selected shark species. Each informative element was translated into 4 languages ​​(es, en, cat and de).

Resource: 2D Animation
Content: shark dentition replacement
Clip lenght: 31 seconds in loop
Support: 12” screen
Location: introductory module