Cultural and educational merchandising is the ‘cherry on the top’ of the complex communication strategy behind an exhibition.

The large amount of content and visual material that is generated during the creation and production of an exhibition can have a ‘second chance’ as merchandising in the store of a science museum, zoo or aquarium, where it can generate a second source of income for the institution.

As a creative studio we work from the conceptualization of the collection (product, packaging, labeling), the design process, adaptation and transformation of the material to the different supports, and we direct the production with selected suppliers until we obtain a final cured product ready for sale.

For us, the most important thing during the creative process of merchandising is to safeguard the educational and cultural values that defines the institution and that the final marketable product reflects and complements that value.

Of course, during all phases of the production process we are committed to the quality of the final product and a clean, sustainable production that is consistent with the concept of the exhibition.

Taking this into account, for educational purposes merchandising possibilities are endless: from posters, collector’s books, postcards and notebooks to t-shirts, bags and many other accessories.

Here we show you some examples of what we created for our personal brand, Scientia apparel, that was born and evolved from the need to communicate knowledge using T-shirts as a powerful informative channel to make visible aesthetic and functional aspects of the natural world that surrounds us. From this idea two collections were born: ‘geometria’ and ‘fractus’.

Here are some examples of our creation and on our blog you will find more information about the creative process behind Scientia.

Project details
  • Educational merchandising
  • for “Scientia apparel”
  • brand with educational content
  • about science and nature
  • Cultural merchandising
  • Educational merchandising
  • Merchandising for exhibits
  • Marketing for museums