Jellyfish tanks are a must-see area of aquariums. This animation was created to educate about its protagonists, jellyfish. Poorly understood creatures that are frequently sighted on coastal areas around the world, with an spectacular range of shapes and colours.

The ‘spatial’ look of these animals when they float inside cylinders, specially designed as their habitat, gives an incredible feeling of being on another planet. And there is usually a play of colours, lighting, and contrasts that add a ‘wow’ touch to the space.

One way of complementing the visitor’s experience in order to make it educational, in addition to being sensorial, is to add interactive or informative graphic or audiovisual elements that fulfil this function.

This 2D animation was created to be played on a touch screen in the ‘Palma Aquarium’ jellyfish area, along with other animations and information panels that we will present to you very soon.

With this animation in particular, we wanted to tell a visual story of the jellyfish life cycle that was simple, understandable, attractive and that provided general knowledge about these unknown beings for an unfamiliar audience:

What do they eat? How they grow? How do they reproduce? are some of the curiosities that the visitor can take with them when seeing this short animation of 2 minutes in duration. If you like it then go on to this story about medusas in our blog.

Do not miss the result of this work, and you can also take a look at some images of the creative process of this animation, from the storyboard to its application.

Project details
  • Animation “Jellyfish lifecycle”
  • for the permanent jellyfish exhibit
  • in “Palma Aquarium”, Mallorca
  • Informative and interactive
  • and designed for touch screen
  • Interactive
  • Multilingual – ES / CAT / EN / DE
  • Education and divulgation
  • All audiences