This exhibit takes us to a Journey back in time to discover one of the most impressive sea creatures that haunted the oceans 1.5 million years ago, the Megalodon (Otodus megalodon)

This exhibition was designed to breathe new life into a previously sterile space in the aquarium and, at the same time, to complement the theme of the main tank area, where sharks – the most iconic fish of Palma aquarium – are exhibited.

A constant challenges is to transmit the most relevant information – in this case in 3 languages – in a limited space while still offering value to both types of audience, adult and child. Visual communication and points of interactivity, as always, are our best allies.

For us, an important part in this type of montage is the viewer experience when entering the exhibition area. In this case, we play with design details: the color palette, typefaces, illustration style; to convey the feeling of being in an archaeological site while discovering the fossil remains of the Megalodon.

The Megalodon tour begins with the first and only clue that tells us about its existence, a real-scale fossilized tooth model where the visitor can interact comparing it to the size of their hand. From here we visually locate their existence in a referential time line, we talk about other species with which they lived, their eating habits and we explore the theories of their extinction. At the end of the tour, the icing on the cake is added by an impressive full-scale model of the Megalodon’s jaw, also thought of as a photocall point.

This exhibition is currently being developed for “Palma Aquarium” and has not yet been inaugurated, so it is still on design phase. Below comes a sample of the process and creation of the elements for this space. We hope very soon to see it staged and share with you the result of this work we have done together with a great team of professionals.

Project details
  • “Megalodon”
  • for “Palma Aquarium”, Mallorca
  • permanent themed exhibit
  • informative and interactive
  • currently in design phase
  • Exhibits
  • Creative direction
  • Interactive tours
  • Infographics
  • Education and divulgation